The Basics' live album

2010-11-18 20:58 by Wally

At the start of this year The Basics (Kris Schroeder, Tim Heath and I) recorded a rollicking live show we played at Melbourne's Northcote Social Club. It took a while to mix the record throughout the year (at Abbey Road, mind it was worth the wait), and it's taken me even longer to blog about it, but we released it for free online a couple of months ago. Check it out, and download it totally gratis, here

We also put it out as a special double-LP vinyl package with extra tracks. Look out for that in good record stores around Australia (or get it on mail-order/import from here). The cover looked like this:

The Basics- self-titled

We've been playing in The Basics for almost 10 years now, and people often said there was an energy to the band when playing live that was impossible to put on record. We reckon this live album gives you as close an impression as you're likely to check it out!

The Basics will be taking an indefinite break as I get into releasing and touring new Gotye music, so you've got a solid slab of time to learn all the lyrics ;)

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