Hottest 100 Of All Time

2009-07-14 11:09 by Wally


All of time and space

My favourite comment on Triple J’s page:
Pinky- “Gotye? is there really a place for a bloke with a laptop and a drumkit in this list?”.

My response: “I also have a kazoo”

But seriously, I’m not sure what stock I can take in a list of top songs that doesn’t include:

Always thought it had more raw power than Teen Spirit

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2009-04-30 11:10 by Wally

I’ve arrived in the sample-spotters’ fraternity or something

I love how the clip of Belafonte they’ve chosen is on the Muppet Show!

Gotye sampled Belafonte. Shock horror!

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Gotye releases back in Aussie stores through Inertia

2009-04-06 11:11 by Wally

Gotye + Inertia = things

Good news for anyone looking for Gotye physical releases in Australian stores- Inertia is my new distributor and all titles are back on shelves.

See Inertia’s press release about the re-release of my back catalogue releases here.

Release physical releases

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The Basics- With This Ship

2009-02-22 12:13 by Wally

Here’s the new track that Kris, Tim and I worked on over the last few months. It’s the first single from a forthcoming Basics record, so keep an ear out. You can get it digitally through iTunes.

The Basics- With This Ship [2009]
(dir. Matt Arnold. prod. Josh Butt)

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2009-02-18 19:10 by Wally

Canadians. Like Drawing Blood is finally available on your Apple iTunes store. Yes, it is a while after it was available in the US. I know this hurts. Please accept my apologies. And this 

Wally and Celine bumpin'

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